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Embedded System

Training in EPRA provides 100% real-time and practical focused Embedded Systems. Our Embedded Systems course concentrates from basic level training to advanced level training. Certification on Embedded Systems after completion of our course. Our team of Embedded Systems trainers have real-time experience in live projects. 


Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux will Play A Very Important Role In The Near Future. At the Head of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are Robotics that are Coupled With AI and Meant For Personal  As Well As Smart Official  Work. At EPRA We Also Envision The Same. They Can Be Used For Patron Engagement in Restaurants, Customer Interaction in Banks, Guests and Patients Engagement in Retail and Hospitals. 


Internet of Things (IOT)

We provide the Best IOT training which includes the development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and service, it containing the actuation, communication,  processing and devices for sensing to assist you to develop skills and get expertise in designing novel systems.  Design for longevity and energy efficiency might be highlighted. Students will gain and expected to make the best choice of software, hardware and protocols for recommended application.


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Computer Vision    Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers cn be made to gain high-level         understanding   from digitl images or videos.    Computers use this concept to automte tasks which  human visual system can do.    It...

Python – 1

Python Python  is  an  OOPS(Object Oriented Programming) based language.  Python has an extensive support of libraries and modules.Python has lot many uses and applications in fields such as : Computer Vision Machine Learning Robotics Scientific Research  Embedded, AI...

ROS – 1

ROS  Salient Features ROS or Robot Operating System is an environment (not an OS in strict sense) used for programming robots. What makes ROS special is its unique and exciting concept of Nodes, which can be connected together to deliever a unique solution. Nodes are...

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